'Who we are'

A mum-daughter duo jointly co-authoring a blog answering young people's (16-25 year olds) 'mares' (challenges, heartbreaks, friendships, messy bust-ups, dramas, rocky moments, lifestyle issues etc) making you more empowered, 'love and life aware' and build Emotional Intelligence (EI) to successfully manage and resolve life's 'mares' as you journey through your adulthood.


sheela mackintosh-stewart

I am a mum of two young ladies Ally & Lissie, who share with me their journeys of joys, challenges, friendships, bust-ups, kiss and make-ups, gossips, crushes, heartbreaks, anxieties and much more. I have listened, supported, nurtured, assured, sympathised, cajoled, encouraged and chided them, whilst trying to dole out hopefully sage advice.  As a parent, I cannot fight their battles but I can arm them with necessary 'tools' to carry out their own battles, learn from their mistakes and be wiser, kinder and life-savvier souls.

 Ally and I decided that it would be beneficial and fun to co-write a blog jointly sharing valuable nuggets and insights reflecting our different perspectives of kid & parent on the vast and varied young people's dilemmas or 'mares'.  Today, 16-25 year olds grapple with recurring 'mare' topics and themes daily which trip them up but often don't feel confident asking for help/advice or don't have a special someone to turn to for straightforward friendly advice. We cannot promise to fix or answer all your 'mares' but will hopefully make you giggle and give you more clarity on handling and embracing them as life's stepping stones. We want you to feel more empowered with heightened life- awareness and emotional intelligence. Sit back & enjoy the ride with us.



ally mackintosh

Hey hey hey, I'm Ally Mac (Mac, AllyPally, Mackinlegend, the nicknames keep comin'!). I'm 22 and a typical millennial, just finished at Bristol University studying Archaeology & Anthropology. I'm an eccentric lover of  life and people and a gal of many quirks (normal is boring!); an exercise fanatic, health nut, scuba diving, adventures and sunsets 🌞worshipper and my guilty pleasures include 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'(to mum's horror!), chocolate/cake (nil self-control/willpower) and shoes (too embarrassed to say how many! 😱). My friends tell me that my loving, loyal, realistic, practical, dependable ways have been my mainstay. Growing up, I have had my fair share of dramas, messy break-ups and heartaches, tears, hissy fits, meltdowns, weight issues, fashion disasters, never-ending chats with chums till the wee morning hours to cry or be a shoulder to cry on. As a result, my friends and I have become an incredibly close-knit ‘family’,  always supporting and nurturing each other through milestones, challenges, rocky moments and always having 'each other's backs'. 

 I am lucky to have a tight-knit family too and Mummy is a terrific sounding board (I hate to admit it but I would have made tons more idiotic mistakes without her guidance). Lissie, my 18 year old younger sister, is also super supportive, and James, my stepdad, often scratches his head and leaves us ‘girlies’ to chat endlessly when we are all home. 

I am often the ‘go-to’ person when friends need a listening ear and sometimes harsh, but necessary advice. I encourage everyone to 'stand up for yourself, be strong, courageous and resilient to get back on your feet whenever life knocks you down'.

 Mummy and I came up with this joint blog, so we can spread a little more love and a double dose of 'wise words' to help lighten the load of painful 'mares', when you are at a loss and don’t know what to do. My friends, I and young women today face enormous pressure to look good namely thin, toned with perkier butts and thigh gaps, have healthy, gluten-free, 'green and raw', vegan, sugar-free strict diets and regimes , be a vegan etc, etc. Of course, we are  easily swayed by constant media bombardment. But I have learnt a most important lesson is to love ourselves more and that it is absolutely ok to be  self-indulgent occassionally and eat more cake and chocolate, skip the gym, sleep that extra hour when exhausted. Enjoy life or where is the fun otherwise?  'Have Courage and Be Kind,' is another favourite mantra as kindness is the true mark of a person, costing absolutely nothing! Also Karma has a nasty habit of  biting you in the butt otherwise. 

I often say ‘get used to dramas, heartaches and 'mares', because life is full of them and they're not gonna go away!' But with every mistake made, every hurdle overcome, I have hopefully become wiser and stronger. Always cherish those beside you through peaks and the pits and know you are not alone, as you face your mares. 

 A splash of sass and buckets of laughter is the cure for many ills.