Is it ever ok to date your best friend's ex?

Sarah says ‘my best friend Liv’s ex keeps dropping hints and sends me really flirtatious texts. I don’t want to hurt my best friend but I do kind-of like him. He dumped her 6 months ago, but she’s still really angry and upset over it. What should I do?'



UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO YOU TOUCH HIM WITH A BARGE POLE. No, no, no and no again. Let me tell you something, he will come and go. He will have you and then be done with you. I’m sorry to say it but it is true. If she is your best friend then you have got to have her back every single step of the way. Otherwise, it would be the biggest betrayal, and I know that if my best friend did that to me, there would be absolutely no way I could forgive her.

Also, have you considered that he may be using you as a way to hurt her even more? I mean, you’re the perfect tool to use against her. I’m really sorry, but I don’t care how much you like him - your girls come first. Always and forever. Stop replying to his messages, and when he makes flirty comments set him straight right away. I’m all about girl power - loyalty will never go out of fashion. Boys will come and go, but the girlfriends that you love, cherish and support through all the good and the bad times will never leave you. Don’t EVER let boys come between you!



Do you treasure your friendship and want to keep it? If yes, then don’t.

Some say ‘so what? They are no longer an item, so why can't you give is a go and see if he is ‘the one’ for you... as great chemistry/relationships are hard to come by?

Do you really value Liv's friendship? If you love your chum and treasure her friendship, then you shouldn’t date her ex. I don’t believe it is worth sacrificing your friendship as it will destroy trust and your friendship. Dating her ex especially when he dumped her is like skating on broken ice. You will fall into the icy lake and suffer the consequences. Losing him is already a blow to her but her best chum getting with her ex will be a double whammy blow!

Strong likelihood of losing other good chums too

A further thing to bear in mind if you go ahead and date her ex, is the very strong likelihood that you will also lose other good chums along the way too.  There will undoubtedly be gossip about your role and blame in the break-up; an ultimate act of betrayal.

Personally, I would choose my best chums any day. Good friends are hard to come by and should be highly treasured, rather than a very small of chance of a love match.