What's a girl to do when he doesn't text back?

Flora says “We have been out a few times but he doesn’t reply to my friendly texts, sometimes leaving it for days to text back. I don’t know what he really thinks or feels… What should I do?”


There are 2 options here:

1) He is playing hard to get, trying to be cool and not let on that he does like you. I mean…lame because if he likes you, he should stop acting like an immature kid and man up. But he will come round if he fancies you, and will start replying and showing you he's keen. But don’t overthink it or ask him about it as he will feel pressurised and likely to kick back and push you away.

2) He doesn’t like you. I am sure like most guys, his phone is probably glued to his hands 24/7 so there's no way he has forgotten to reply. He's ignoring you. If so, take the hint and move on, sunshine. His occasional reply may be because he doesn’t want to rude. Tbh, if he’s not replying for days, and this goes on a while, then yeah, almost certainly he’s not interested,  8/10 times. If a boy wants you, he will chase and chase until he gets what he wants.

Stop texting him so frequently, as you may be coming across as being overly keen. Wait and see if/how frequently he texts you back. If he doesn’t, then he’s not worth your time honey. No need to be rude and throw a big hissy fit. Move on gracefully and DON’T STALK HIM ON SOCIAL MEDIA (every single girl I know is a culprit of this). It’s uncool.





Argh! Delayed text response.. what does it mean? 


e was obviously so overly-excited to get your textthat he fainted, hence the delay…

Yup! Text messaging is meant to simplify our life, being the easiest and most convenient way to message. But when it comes to communicating with guys, it can be anything but simple!

The grey answers…some of the infinite possibilities to his slow response….

To give him the benefit of the doubt, there could be host of reasons why he hasn’t responded sooner e.g.

  • He is interested but :

* Is hopeless at texting/thoughtless

* Incredibly busy with work/work deadlines that he has not been able to focus on anything else

*  Not interested enough to plan a date/romance/respond sooner

* He is not interested and only texting out of politeness/afterthought and doesn’t know how to tell you to stop;

the list goes on……….

But the bottom line is...If he is keen, he WILL be in touch regularly

If a guy really likes a girl, he won’t be able to stop himself thinking about her. He will show a sense of urgency and will make time and every effort to text and engage with her very quickly and regularly, no matter how busy he is.

A slow/delayed response to a text indicates that he's not that interested or bothered especially if this has been the pattern of communication from the start.

If it is clear that he isn’t into you, don’t do what many lassies do and wait around, thinking he might change. He won’t, move on.


Ally Mackintosh