Enough already! Too much PDA is vomit-inducing!

Emily says ‘My best friend and her boyfriend are so overly PDA, full on getting with each other, touching and kissing all the time when she is around me and my friends. It’s just very uncomfortable, awkward and embarrassing. I want to say something to her about it without her getting upset or annoyed. What should I do?


I agree,  too much PDA is gross level 1000 and literally makes my hairs stand on end when people just do NOT STOP! If it’s a new relationship, she probably doesn’t realise how bad the PDA is as she is so wrapped up in the honeymoon stage. Just be really upfront with her and say ‘Look, I love you, I’m so happy for you that you’ve found someone who treats you right. But you guys do go a tad overkill on the PDA, especially around our friends, and probably don’t even think about it, but we all do. Obviously we get it that you want to show affection, but eating his face off halfway through dinner? Really? It would be less awkward if you guys could tone it down a bit… when we’re not together, totally fine - rip each other’s clothes off, but when we are around, just be more subtle…’


Be honest and specific about the discomfort you feel, in a kind, friendly way orremove yourself from the scene

Couples usually in the grip of new love tend to have grand public display of affection, to show how happy or in love they are. One’s automatic response is ‘get a room’. Surprisingly, your chum may be unaware of the awkwardness ensuing, so as Ally suggests, tell her. Be honest and specific about why you feel uncomfortable, in a kind, friendly way. If she still doesn’t take the hint, then it may be best to slide off and remove yourself from the scene. Although it is highly tempting, I don’t believe that ‘one up-manship’ and doing the same thing in front of them in retaliation is a good idea.


Ally Mackintosh