How can I tell my best friend that her clothes choices are awful!

Pandora says ‘My best friend Sally always asks me to go out clothes shopping with her because she tells me she likes my style and taste. But she always chooses the wrong style of clothes for her shape. She always asks if she looks good in an outfit, but the answer is always something other than a yes! Should I lie or tell her the truth?'


Always tell her the truth but be careful about being too brutal or forceful with your words, as it will come off very mean and rude otherwise!


Rather than saying ‘that looks shit’ or ‘you have no style’say things like ‘I think there are better things than that’, ‘I love the pattern on that but maybe in a different style?’, ‘Blue is really your colour’ or ‘what about this?’. Compliment her on the things that DO look good on her so she can take positive cues from what you’re saying. But if something does look awful then I would always be truthful and just say ‘I think we can do better'.  There’s nothing worse than a lying friend who says you look great when you actually look shit!



You should never say ‘You look awful in that’. Being tactful is an important life skill to master, so this is a good time to start practising. I always blame the clothes not the person.  So, say ‘that skirt is badly made and doesn’t make the most of your curves’. If she insists on trying everything that’s too tight for her, then say ‘this style is not the most flattering for you’ and go and choose her a fabulous alternative and help her to choose better styles.


Ally Mackintosh